The “Liquidity Provision Incentive” Strategy in DeFi Just got Proven Out — By Launching a Token from $0 to $7,000,000.

When I stare at this screen I’m just full of regret for not being psychic

This is the screen of the biggest gainers in crypto. Typically they are flavors of the week, P&D (pump-and-dumps), low-liquidity shitcoins. Gambling by a different name.

How to Build a Fire

A good one-match fire requires that you have each of these fuel types staged
Dash is outspoken and uploads explorations of topics in this video form to the XIO community.

What caught my interest is that the tokens were given away for free. They never had a raise event.

Step 1: Tinder — Identify Your Community

There are alternative ways to grow a project in the decentralized world without raising a bunch of capital.

— Z. Dash

Imagine what you’re doing here. You give a bunch of people a scarce asset with provable ownership and say here: hold onto this (or don’t.) Let’s talk about what to do with it, as a group. Here’s what I’m thinking. What are you thinking?

Step 2: Kindling — Mobilize Your Community

You perform the actions here and get paid out

Step 3: Fuel Wood — Build Liquidity

Uniswap gave us, for the first time, the ability to control our own destiny in terms of liquidity.

— Z. Dash

This is part of the Uniswap liquidity rewards system

Spark that match!

XIO Token Price — Source CoinGecko

Tl;dr and Conclusion



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Clayton Roche

Clayton Roche

Head of Community Development with UMA